• Mother Markhabokhon Shakhidi
  • Children and we
  • 2014 T. Shakhidi Philipp Mackenzie
  • Valery Shkarupa, Dushanbe, 2014
  • Khachaturian note to Tolib Shakhidi - Your time is precious
  • Shostakovich note to Tolib Shakhidi's father Ziyadullo
  • Yuri Ter Osipov - first teacher
  • Aram Khachaturian and Tolib Shakhidi (1972)
  • Mark Ermler
  • Ziyedullo Shakhidi Tolib Shakhidi and Maxim Shostakovich (1976)
  • Andrey Eshpay and Tolib Shakhidi (1967)
  • Valery Gergiev and Tolib Shakhidi (1984)
  • Yo Yo Ma and Tolib Shakhidi (2002)
  • Tolib Shakhidi and Bijan Khadem Missagh (Austria 2004)
  • Conductor Zahid Khaknazarov
  • Maya Plisetskaya Rodion Shedrin Tolib Shakhidi and Igor Federov
  • Tolib Shakhidi with Valery Shkarupa
  • Genadiy Tolstenko and Tolib Shakhidi
  • Roman Ledenov and Genady Tolstenko with Tolib Shakhidi
  • Alexey Kudryashov Vazgen Vartanian and Tolib Shakhidi
  • Alexey Kudryashov Vazgen Vartanian and Tolib Shakhidi
  • Vazgen Vartanian Andrey Eshpay Kiril Volkov and Tolib Shakhidi
  • Djivan Gasparian and Tolib Shakhidi

  • «Tolib Shakhidi's 3rd piano concert is undoubtedly a brilliant achievement by the composer. This music was written on impulse and is listened to with great interest. I think that this music will be performed everywhere and could become an event at any international festival.»

    Alexander Tchaikovsky
    Professor of the Moscow State Conservatory

  • He is a great composer, I performed his symphonic picture with great pleasure and I will perform it in the US for his is the world class music

    Charles Ansbacher
    Conductor USA Hanover

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