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GERGIEV - SHAKHIDI - Valery Gergiev, London Symphony Orchestra & Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra - USD 20

"Movie Music & Existence" - music written for cinema and theatre between 1969-2008 - USD 20

Concert featuring works of Tolibkhon Shakhdi, Live 2006, Tchaikovsky Hall DVD+CD, Russian state orchestra- USD 25

Double CD featuring works of Tolibkhon Shakhidi. Symphonic Music - Sold Out

Symphonic music and ballet extracts Single CD - USD 15

Great Hall of Moscow State Conservatoire, Single CD - USD 20

Tolib-khon Shakhidi (1946) is a son of the founder of Professional Tajik Academic Music – Ziyadullo Shakhidi. He graduated from the Theory and Composition Faculty of the Moscow State Conservatory from the class of Aram Khachaturian (1972). He is the author of five operas among which are “Kalif-Stork”, “Dwarf-nose”, “The Beauty and the Beast”, “Amir Ismail”, ballets “The Death of Usurer” (story by S. Aini, 1978), “Rubaiat of Khayam” (1980), “Beautiful Joseph” (1988), four symphonies (1970–1985), symphonic poems “Prazdnestvo” (1976) and “Sado” (1984, prize winner on the International Festival of Contemporary music in USA, 1987). He is also the author of three concerts for piano and orchestra, string and cello concerts and capriccio for saxophone and orchestra. Tolib-khon has also composed vocal pieces, music for drama performances and cinema, chamber music.

Tolib-khon Shakhidi participated with great success on International Festivals of Contemporary Music in Europe and USA (1987, 2001), in Japan, Baltic States, Central Asia, Iran and Turkey. The musical pieces of the composer at different times have been performed by such orchestras as Philadelphia and Boston Symphonic Orchestras, State Symphonic orchestra of USSR, orchestra of Valery Gergiev, Bolshoi symphonic orchestra of Russia n.a. Tchaikovsky, orchestra of cinematography conducted by Sergey Skripka, St. Petersburg State philharmonic orchestra n.a. Dmitry Shostakovitch. Such well-known musicians as cello performer Yo Yo Ma, violinist Sergey Kravtchenko and French Saxophone performer Pierre Stephan Mege have performed music of Tolib-khon. He has worked with many conductors among which are Maxim Shostakovitch, Dmitry Kitaenko, Charles Ansbacher, Mark Ermler, Michael Terian, Dzhansug Kakhidze, Vladimir Kozhukhar, Valery Gergiev, Zakhid Khaknazarov and Eldar Azimov.

…Notably, The East in Tolib-khon Shakhidi's music is not outwardly decorative, festive and self-important, but composed and noble, carrying the century old traditions of wisdom. The composition works of the composer – are a philosophic prose implemented in sound, which for its adequate “reading” requires great spiritual tensions, thoughts and numerous returns to the source…

Elena Savitskaya, Doctor of Arts

© & P Tabriz Shakhidi 2002

Symphonic music (1997) - Sold Out

...My sincere gratitude goes to all concert participants, in particular to artistic director and conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra of cinematography Sergey Skripka. In a very short rehearsal period this great master carried out colossal work. Also my gratitude extends to the outstanding violinist Sergey Kravtchenko, who a few years ago performed this concert on the international festival of contemporary music “Moscow Autumn”. My first piece for saxophone and orchestra, “Capriccio”, has been written under the great impression left by the wonderful French virtuoso Pierre Stephan Mege, with whom I hope to maintain and continue my friendship and creative work. And of course, my infinite gratitude to Alexey Skanavi and Audrey Dunaev for their warm attitude and great professionalism...

© & P Tabriz Shakhidi 2002

If you want to purchase a double-CD of Ziyadullo Shakhidi, father of Tolibkhon Shakhidi, you can also do it from here. The DOUBLE CD costs $30 and features music and songs of the founder of Tajik Symphonic music Ziyadullo Shakhidi (Shahidi).

You can also listen samples of Ziyadullo Shakhidi's music here.

  • He is a great composer, I performed his symphonic picture with great pleasure and I will perform it in the US for his is the world class music

    Charles Ansbacher
    Conductor USA Hanover

  • Tolib Shakhidi is a highly talented composer. His works expose the essence of the artist in an unusually bright manner. He expresses his musical idea with great perfection. The whole material is outstandingly worked out, orchestral script brilliantly written and architectonics followed in amazing detail.

    Andrei Eshpai

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